One Million Little Ideas

I've got a little problem. Everyone has their quirks; mine's finishing projects.

It's some weird form of subversive ADD, lurking until I'm about 50% done with a project and then viciously attacking with full force. It's the thing that fills up my hard drive with templates in PSDs and hundreds of visual studio files named 'test_X' or 'X_POC'. So, consequently, I end up starting a good-sized handful of projects at once, making commitments, and inevitably failing at actually completing anything unless I secure a pot of coffee and stay up to 4 in the morning (90% of Gevalum's coding was done after 9PM, and 98% of it was with coffee in hand. I estimated that I've consumed a total 65.3 gallons of coffee since March 10, 2006, it's beginning, assuming an average of a cup and a half of coffee per day.)

Currently, my to-do list includes:

  • Gevalum's big 5.2 update, including a new monster fighting system, a new player-versus-player system, lots of little interface updates, and streamlining the engine
  • Bookloft, a site where users can get on and discuss their favorite books
  • Getting a huge enterprise-level application ready for a Star-Wars group (, has to be scalable enough to add sub-groups with sub-groups with sub-groups..etc and personal websites for each group commander, and training manuals, and all sorts of stuff)
  • Another one for a different group. Not as big, but still nothing to shake a lightsaber at.
  • Some kind of time manager. Probably something I'd open-source eventually.. will provide more details in another post, if I get it to it. It's at the bottom of my priorities.
  • Studying for the MCTS certifications for .NET 2.0 web-based development (70-536,70-528), and then the MCPD test (70-547)
  • Studying for the MCTS in SQL Server 2k5 Implementation/Maintenance (70-431)
  • Learning openSUSE 10.3 inside and out
  • Setting up my new server
  • And spending as little time as possible doing these, so I can be with my pregnant wife. The list never ends.
  • I guess that's where open-sourcing things comes in handy.
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