Back from Vacation

Just got back from spending a week in Arizona- that's right, the middle of the desert on the border of Mexico- where it rained for three days. We couldn't get to part of the Grand Canyon because of the snow. In Arizona. Did I leave Ohio?

I don't want to complain too much, though; the resort we stayed at was very nice, and Audrey's aunt was kind enough to pay for everyone's stay. And the Thanksgiving dinner was something I won't forget (the link will explain all).

Anyway, first thing I did when I got back and settled (besides scavenging a cheap turkey from the grocery store... 12-pounder for $10) was delete 400ish spam messages. Sorry for the garbage; the new version of MovableType supposedly clears that issue. I also upgraded my theme; still not a custom one yet, but I'll get there once I get the time.

I also installed Rainmeter, Samurize, and Rainlendar - they are ab solutely fantastic desktop-managing applications. And, if that wasn't enough: I installed a new hard drive and I'm in the process of installing 5 virtual drives; Windows Server 2k3 and 2k8, Windows XP, the latest version of Kubuntu, and Fedora 10. That is, if I can get the last two working with Windows Virtual PC 2k7.. I've seen it done, but I know it's tricky. The goal is to have plenty of development platforms with which to do my work; I'll be able to test web apps in the virtualized servers before I push to production on CD.

Speaking of CD, we've got our new website up; I was inspired by a Keane song, and somehow came up with this. My brain goes through somewhat strange processes sometimes, but I'm pretty happy with the result. JQueried it up, even, much to the chagrin of my budding Ajax framework project.

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