Kubuntu 8.10 and Wireless

After using Vista for a while (and after my brief experimentation with Ubuntu 8.04), I decided to go ahead and create another partition for Kubuntu 8.10, with KDE 4.1. I did it with the latest version of Wubi. It installed fast, booted fast, and left me without wireless (as I expected). Problem is, I had moved my office downstairs, leaving the router upstairs; I had to get wireless working somehow.

So, I booted up my laptop and began a search. "Install Ndiswrapper", was the first bit of advice I got; so, I downloaded this onto a flash drive, plugged it into my new Linux machine (which found the drive and popped it up helpfully), and tried to install it. I followed the instructions left by the developer in the 'Install' notes; however, to my dismay, I was unable to due to an error that read "error: too few arguments to function 'iwe_stream_add_value' ". Having no clue what it meant, I did a quick Google search, and found out I had to patch the Ndiswrapper with this patch.

I copied the patch file into the directory, then ran

patch -p0 > ndiswrapper_kernel_2.6.27.patch

... and again, I hit a wall; it threw up an error that the patch command is not recognized. So, again, I hit google and found that I needed to now download and run the "Patch" installation file (I already had all the dependencies installed). Now, I ran the patch command, and it worked! I installed Ndiswrapper, then followed the guide here  to get it up and running.

So, this was posted from Firefox in my new linux installation.

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