When is a Technology Dead?

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I wish I could call IE6 dead.

I've spent hundreds of man-hours doing CSS fixes for it, and every day, I check Google Analytics to see how close we are to its death... and every day, I'm disappointed.

Technically, it is dead. Most standards say the latest 2 versions (of course, that got really big when IE8 came out, excellent excuse to drop it), and it's 6 years old by now, well past the average lifespan of any technology. But, the problem is, for all of my idealism and complaints and loss of efficiency, we still have over 30% of our users on the ancient mind-breaker. So, unfortunately, for all of my complaints, for all of my IE6 specific cde and CSS fixes.. it's not dead. It's not defined by age, but by users. So until the time comes when IE updates become mandatory, or our users finally move on... it's still very alive, in my nightmares and in my everyday coding experiences.

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