A Switch to Chrome (Mostly): A Followup

A follow-up to my original post from July, a mere 6 months ago.

I have, now, totally switched to Chrome. And yes, it was exactly for the reason I fully expected to: extensions came out. Sort of like Google's this big Overmind that watches all...

Then again, I guess it is, isn't it.

Anyway, the performance difference between FireFox and Chrome is clear. In direct contrast to one comment left on my original post, I have as many extensions in Chrome as I do in FireFox, performing the same activities (with one caveat)- and it is noticeably faster. I load up FF when I do IE: to test the differences in rendering engines across browsers, so that I can fix the CSS and Javascript bugs. To be fair, FF has the best debugging (that version of FireBug is far superior to anything I've seen yet), which makes testing so much easier. But, FF is on my machine only for that. For debugging. Not for browsing.

Honestly, I see absolutely no compelling reasons to use anything but Chrome; it's what I install on all of my relative's computers, and it's what I use every day at work and home.

All hail the Overmind!

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