Venturing Forth to San Francisco

Today was my last day at Pillar Technology. I had an awesome time learning from the great people I worked with:

I learned an incredible amount of time in the short time I was there, especially about Agile practices, TDD, proper spiraling of footballs, to blame Phil for everything, to embrace new technologies- even Apple, and how to pronounce "facade". That's "fuh-cade" with a long "a" and a hard "c". I've begun using vim for everything, I learned how to use Git, and I've picked up ReSharper and a finer understanding of development productivity.

I also, in turn, hope that I leave the team with a finer method of brewing coffee (fill the filter to the top, use fresh water, wash out the pot every time.) The proper times to do this are 9:15, 10:45, and 2:30.

As I move forward in my career to San Francisco, I'll look back upon this time and the knowledge and experienceI've gained, and I hope to retain these relationships.

And I'll continue to blame Phil.

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