Crafty.js Presentation at the San Francisco GamesJS Meetup

A couple weeks ago, I did a presentation for a brand-new meetup group called GamesJS, an HTML5 game development meetup in San Francisco. We did a few lightning talks, followed around by general hanging-about-and-finishing-the-remaining-food. Another talk was on Spaceport a game engine built for performance that uses javascript and vector-based graphics in an Actionscript-like API (allowing easy ports from existing AS3 code). The game logic is written in javascript, while the graphics processing is handled by whatever's fastest and available - native code for iOS, WebGL for Chrome, etc. His slides are available on the GamesJS site. The third and final talk was on Google PlayN, Google's GWT-based engine that is built to allow you to write your game in Java, and export to various platforms, such as a native Android app, html5, and even flash, with as little change as possible.   Her slides were also available online.

My slides  are a short dozen that walk you through the creation of a really simple Crafty game by example. It shows how to set up the canvas, instantiate objects, create and inherit classes ("modules"), animation, and collision. All of my sourcecode is up on jsFiddle.

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